What to feed Scottish kittens at 2 months

What do Scottish fold cats look like?

Representatives of this breed have a squat body with well-developed muscles. The paws are powerful and not too long. The neck is short, the head is quite large and rounded, with a strong chin and round whisker pads. The tail is usually medium or long, pointed towards the end.

Scottish Folds have a very impressive appearance / phz8.petinsurance.com

The Scottish coat is short, straight, thick and soft. There are various colors - solid (for example, cream, white, black, blue), two-color, tabby, tortoiseshell, smoky and others.

A characteristic feature of the Scottish Fold is the small ears pressed to the head, which are folded forward and droop slightly. This difference is caused by a gene mutation that causes cartilage, including the ear cartilage, to become softer.

What is the character of a Scottish Fold cat?

Scottish Folds are distinguished by their kind, calm and balanced character. Their lifestyle is quite measured, hyperactivity is usually not typical for them. You are unlikely to constantly find such a pet trying to climb onto the closet and over the curtains, or simply rushing briskly around the rooms. But this does not mean that Scottish Fold cats are absolutely passive and behave like plush toys. They are naturally quite curious and enthusiastically explore everything that surrounds them.

Scottish Fold cats are calm and balanced. VGatto / Depositphotos.com

How Scottish Fold cats get along with adults

Representatives of this breed are very loyal and sincerely become attached to people. It is believed that they choose one object of adoration, but this is not always the case. Many Scots treat all family members equally warmly and single out someone especially based on their mood.

Scottish Folds readily show their emotions and love to communicate using meows and purrs. Demonstrating affection, they can literally follow a person around the entire apartment. And in attempts to gain attention, they often show persistence and willfulness.

Most Scottish Fold cats are not very fond of being cuddled or picked up. Although depending on their mood they may well purr on their knees. They usually have nothing against stroking and other caresses.

How Scottish Fold cats get along with children

When communicating with children, purrs are patient and calm. Aggression is rarely shown, and to provoke it, you need to try very hard. They don’t always like too much fun and noisy games, so cats try to avoid such activities and sit on the sidelines.

How do Scottish Fold cats get along with other pets?

The Scots get along well with dogs.
ViktoriaSapata / Depositphotos.com Scottish Folds coexist quite comfortably with dogs and other cats. At the same time, they emphasize neutrality and do not try to impose their superiority in an aggressive manner. But their hunting instinct may prevent them from making friends with a hamster or parrot.

How to distinguish a fold-eared kitten

Only after two weeks is it possible to distinguish the folds in the litter. At this time, in babies with straight ears, the ear cartilage begins to harden. This does not happen with folds; they have folds, which are their distinctive feature.

The main rules for choosing a fold-eared kitten:

  • The older the baby, the easier it is to evaluate his external qualities. This is especially important if the cat is selected for breeding. It is better to choose an individual that is at least three months old.
  • A true “Scotsman” should have a cheeky muzzle and wide-set eyes. Folds often have a wide chest, a thick, short tail and massive paws.
  • To avoid an obvious defect, you must definitely feel your nose for the presence of a hump. It shouldn't exist. You should carefully feel the tail; there should be no knots or humps on it.
  • The kitten must be completely healthy. Its fur is silky and thick. The eyes are clear, the belly is soft, and the mood is playful.
  • If an animal is purchased for breeding or to participate in exhibitions, then it must have a pedigree and a veterinary passport.
  • It is better to choose a kitten in the cool season. In extreme heat, there are times when Folds' ears rise slightly. This is not a defect, but an interesting feature of the breed.
  • You should not save when choosing an animal. Real thoroughbred “Scots” are not cheap. If the breeder provides a large discount, it is worth considering that the kitten is a reject.

Choosing a purebred Fold with good breeding qualities is a difficult task, but it can be done. How to determine whether a kitten is lop-eared or not is described in detail above, but do not forget that cats are very picky, stubborn and capricious. You need to choose an animal not only based on external data. There is an opinion among animal owners: “We don’t choose them, but they choose us.” If the relationship does not work out from the first moment, then no matter how beautiful the cat is, it is better to take another one. Otherwise, life together can turn into a protracted war, in which it is absolutely unknown who will win whom.

When choosing an animal, at a minimum, it should not hiss or growl at its future owner. And if the cat sits in your arms and purrs sweetly, then this animal is definitely yours! This means that he recognized his future owner as a kindred spirit. And life with such a baby will sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. Such a cat will really brighten up the life of its beloved owner!

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How to identify a fold-eared kitten?

What living conditions do Scottish Fold cats require?

Representatives of this breed will be quite comfortable within the walls of an ordinary apartment. The main thing is to give them their own secluded place where the cat can spend time alone with itself. In this case, the bed should be located away from drafts that are dangerous for Scottish Folds.

Protect your pet from drafts / Royal-canin.ru

For the safety of the animal, it is advisable to install special protective nets on the windows. If they are not there, the cat may fall out of the window when trying to catch a bird or a falling leaf.

It’s worth taking care of your cat’s leisure time. In addition to a sleeping place and a tray, a Scotsman definitely needs a scratching post. With its help, he will be able to put his paws in order and will not encroach on your furniture.

Diversify your pet's leisure time. belchonock / Depositphotos.com

Balls, mice and other toys will help diversify the life of the Scottish Fold cat. You can also install an entire play center, which will also provide additional physical activity for the cats and maintain their physical fitness.

Scots can be called homebody cats. However, if your cat feels calm and comfortable in the fresh air, take him on short promenades or let him out into his own garden. At the same time, walking Scottish Folds should not be left unattended for a long time.

What does the price depend on?

  • Class . In cat breeding, kittens are of varying quality. They are divided into three classes, the price of each of which varies significantly. The first class, called pet , includes those animals that have any external imperfections. These kittens do not participate in exhibitions, but this does not prevent them from being excellent pets of their owners. The second class, breeding , includes those pets that are ideal for breeding, because their appearance fits into the breed standards. Show class kittens are intended for exhibitions and competitions. It’s not hard to guess that a pet-class pet can be purchased for a minimum price, and a show-class pet for a maximum price.
  • Health . Often the price for sick kittens is reduced. In addition, unscrupulous breeders can hide this fact. Be sure to ensure that both of the kitten's parents have been tested for medical conditions. Scottish Fold cats have ear pathologies more often than others. They are also prone to diseases of the eyes, internal organs and skin.
  • Pedigree . The price of a kitten becomes significantly higher if its parents are famous for numerous victories and titles. A good pedigree indicates that the kitten meets the breed standards and has great potential at shows.
  • Breeder . Reputable breeders charge a decent amount of money for their kittens, as they keep the animals in excellent conditions and have a proven reputation over the years. If you purchase an animal from a conscientious breeder, then most likely your pet will grow up healthy and live a long time.

How to feed Scottish Fold cats

The easiest way is to stick to ready-made wet and dry food. It is better to choose from lines of proven brands, because only high-quality complete food provides the animal with all the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, microelements and vitamins. In addition, you can sometimes give healthy treats that not only help diversify the menu, but also, for example, help clean the animal’s teeth.

Select a ready-made diet taking into account the characteristics of the animal - age, health status and the presence of chronic diseases, sterilization, pregnancy and lactation.

Another option is natural products such as meat and offal, cereals. But ordinary food from the human table is prohibited for the Scots. It simply will not provide the cat’s body with everything it needs, and sometimes it can even pose a danger to their life.

The food on our table is not suitable for cats. belchonock / Depositphotos.com

When deciding what to feed your Scottish Fold, consider what kind of food he was accustomed to while he lived with the breeder. A sudden change will not benefit the animal, and the kitten may simply refuse unusual food. Even if you decide to change your diet, you need to do it gradually.

Representatives of this breed are often prone to obesity. This must be taken into account when planning your diet. You should not overfeed your pet, as obesity can lead to a number of health problems.

Where to buy kittens, how much do they cost?

The nursery is the most reliable option for finding a Scottish kitten. In large cities there are specialized nurseries, in Moscow these are “L'MUR”, “Mos Charm”, “Superfold”. Such establishments employ certified specialists who will advise on all issues, show documents, and help distinguish a Highland Fold kitten from a short-haired one. You can observe the kitten before purchasing to understand whether it is suitable or not.

The cost of a representative of the Scottish breed is no longer as fabulous as it was ten years ago. Now the price depends on the desired qualities, color and class:

  • A show-class cat with an unusual coat color, for example a marbled cat or a black fold cat, will cost 30–50 thousand rubles.
  • Breed-class cats for breeding cost from 20 thousand rubles.
  • Pet-class Scot who will not participate in exhibitions and matings - up to 10 thousand rubles. A Scottish kitten of merle or chinchilla colors will cost a little more.

How to care for a Scottish Fold cat

The thick fur of these animals requires constant and careful care. Cats need to be brushed at least a couple of times a week. During the periods of spring and autumn moulting, it is advisable to do this every day.

Another important point is ear care. Due to their unusual structure, quite a lot of wax accumulates in the ears. You can remove it using cotton swabs and special lotions that are sold in pet stores. This procedure should be carried out on average once every week or two.

Don't forget to trim your pet's nails regularly. Syda_Productions / Depositphotos.com

Also, Scottish Folds need to have their nails trimmed regularly, about once a month.

As for bathing, it is enough for only pets to have a bath day once every six months or even less often, and for those who like to go for a walk - every couple of months.

What do Scottish Fold cats suffer from?

Scottish Folds are quite healthy. However, there are several diseases that are genetically characteristic of this breed.

  • Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD) is a malformation of cartilage and bone tissue, which leads to a slowdown in their growth. This disease is considered incurable, so only supportive therapy is prescribed.
  • Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a disease in which many hollow tumors with liquid contents (cysts) form in the kidneys. As a result, the affected organs do not fully perform their function.
  • Cardiomyopathy is a disease in which the normal functioning of the heart muscle is disrupted.

Also, Scottish Fold cats can suffer from diseases that are typical for most purring pets. These include problems with the genitourinary system, skin and other diseases.

Scottish fold kitten price

Breeding fold-eared cats has a certain peculiarity: the result of crossing two completely fold-eared animals is the birth of kittens with skeletal anomalies. That is why pets for mating are selected in such a way that one of them is a Scottish Straight, and the other is a Scottish Fold. In litters obtained from such pairs, kittens with straight ears and fold ears are born. Particularly popular at present are kittens from nurseries with the following colors:

  • black marble on a silver background;
  • black spot on silver;
  • black marble on a golden background;
  • black spot on gold;
  • brindle.

The cost of show class kittens is the highest. The price of a purebred kitten with a rare color, belonging to the SHOW class category, can start from 25-30 thousand rubles. The most affordable are PET-class pets, the price of which can be less than 10-12 thousand rubles. An important factor determining the cost of an animal is the breed characteristics of the pet, therefore, the higher the level of quality, the higher the price of the kitten.

For example, POSSIBLE-SHOW or “potential show class” can be awarded to an animal by a breeder based on its own experience and personal integrity, but the high cost of such pets does not always correspond to their breed characteristics.

What to look for when buying a Scottish Fold cat

You can buy Scottish Folds through advertisement sites, at an exhibition or in a certified nursery.

The price of a kitten depends on many factors, including the region (in the capital the cost is often higher) and pedigree. The class of the animal also has a significant impact. So, “pet” is a cat for the soul, which has no chance of a show career or participation in breeding. The price for such animals is lower, and they are usually sterilized. The next class is “breed”. These cats are potential breeders from whom you can expect worthwhile offspring. And finally, the most expensive class is “show”. These animals have every chance to compete for prizes at exhibitions. Moreover, such a high status must be confirmed not just by words, but by exhibition certificates.

Another important point is the health of the future pet. Therefore, when choosing, you should carefully examine the kitten. Severe thinness, bald patches, fleas, and an overly swollen abdomen may indicate improper care and dishonesty of the breeder. In addition, some behavioral features of Scottish Folds may be signs of a genetic disease that affects bone and cartilage tissue. So, if the paws and tail are inactive, and the kitten itself cannot run and jump normally, it is better to refrain from purchasing it.

Be sure to find out about the kitten's parents. tankist276 / Depositphotos.com

Pay attention to your parents too. One of them, and possibly both, must be straight-eared (Scottish Straight). If both the cat and the cat have floppy ears, their offspring are almost guaranteed to be unhealthy.

As for documents, upon purchase you must be given a sales contract, a veterinary passport with vaccination marks and a birth certificate. Based on the latter, you can draw up a pedigree yourself.

Signs of lop ears

The following rules will help you accurately determine whether a kitten is lop-eared and not fall for the bait of charlatans:

  • Choose a kitten that is at least three weeks old. The older he is at the time of purchase, the easier it will be to determine that he is lop-eared. It is advisable to buy a kitten at the age of two to three months.
  • Folds not only have unusual ears, but also a slightly different body structure. Their muzzle is wider, with small cheeks, and their eyes are wider apart. The chest is usually larger, and the legs and tail are shorter and thicker.
  • Feel the kitten's nose - there should be no hump on the bridge of the nose. You also need to feel the tail - there should be no humps or knots on it.
  • Buy a fold-eared cat in the cold season. The fact is that folds have an interesting feature - in extreme heat, kittens’ ears rise a little.

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In addition, there are some general rules for choosing purebred kittens:

  • The kitten must be completely healthy. His fur should be thick and silky, his eyes should be clear, and his tummy should be soft. His mood is also important - if the kitten is healthy, he will be playful.
  • If in the future you want to breed purebred kittens or participate in exhibitions, then the kitten you buy must have a veterinary passport and pedigree.
  • Since healthy offspring are obtained only by crossing a purebred cat with an ordinary one, you should ask who the kitten’s parents are.
  • When buying a purebred kitten, be prepared to pay a high price for it. Such kittens are really expensive, and if the seller offers you to give them away cheaper, this is a reason to think about whether they are offering you defective animals.

By following these rules, you can easily choose a healthy purebred kitten. But do not forget that the criteria for choosing a four-legged friend are not limited to these. After all, each animal has its own character - some are docile, and some are wayward.

To make it easy for you to get along together, carefully monitor the reactions of the kittens you choose. You can determine the cat that is right for you as follows:

  • If your baby growls at you, tries to scratch you or run away, it’s better to choose someone else;
  • If the cat purrs and sits happily on your lap, this is the beginning of a strong friendship!

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