The largest guinea pig in the world - Photo
The name of the largest guinea pig in the world The largest guinea pig in the world is called
What to do if a cat attacks a dog?
Why cats and dogs are at enmity A cat and a dog are predators, which means they are rivals. They
hamster's eye popped out
Structure and diseases of the eyes
Symptoms of eye diseases It is easy to understand that your pet child is sick. The animal's behavior is not
Tumor in a hamster
What can cause a tumor in a hamster? Tumor and neoplasm in a hamster
Some owners of these cute rodents, unfortunately, encounter this disease in their pets
Is it possible for hamsters to have fleas?
To paraphrase the famous saying, we can say that the person who has tamed the animal is responsible for its further
Chilean squirrel degu
Degu nutrition: what does the Chilean rodent eat?
Description The length of the animal's body varies between 9-22 cm. A thin long tail covered with skin,
Fistula in a cat treatment at home
Causes of fistula in cats A fistula can form in a cat after surgery. By
Why you shouldn’t stroke your dog’s head and belly: truth and myths
Knowing where and how to pet your dog to help him relax is important
Sores on the skin of the Sphinx photo and their treatment
Types of allergies Allergy to environmental elements. The manifestation can be seen in sphinxes up to 3-
Hamster won't open his eyes
Eye diseases and their symptoms If a hamster has a watery eye, it may be like
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