Female betta fish
Varieties The betta fish was first selected in 1910, giving it a colored color. Today there is
red water lily
Nympheas: planting and care in the aquarium
Varieties Small species are kept in aquariums. A water lily grows as a bush under water. Forms flowers on
Akara: types and their contents
Description The body of the fish is high, slightly flattened on the sides and elongated in length. The head is large
How to cure zebrafish
In the second half of the 20th century, small aquarium zebrafish were introduced from Southeast Asia.
Zebrafish pink read the article
Zebrafish species
Habitat The historical homeland of this fish is considered to be India and Indochina, Asia. Lives zebrafish pink
Pearl gourami
Description Gourami are able to breathe air from the surface using a labyrinthine breathing apparatus. Appearance Elongated, compressed
What to feed guppy fry from birth
As soon as the eggs hatch, you are just beginning your journey in fish breeding and growing
sealyham terrier
Kennels for Sealyham Terrier dogs
In this article we will introduce you to a small dog with an original, pretty appearance. True, myself
Photo 1
Do cats have tooth decay?
Do cats have tooth decay? Cats have such a structure of teeth that caries is for them
Guppy breeding
Red guppies This group can include all guppies that are red in color, but have
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