When choosing, you should pay attention to the behavior of the chick
Who is the Czech parrot
Characteristics and training The exhibition breed has some significant differences from ordinary parrots. This
Fleas in dogs: causes and signs of appearance, methods of removal
Classification of fleas Today there are more than two thousand species of fleas. Distinguish them from each other without
How to determine pregnancy (pregnancy) of a rabbit?
Signs of pregnancy in a female rabbit Pregnancy in female rabbits is quite difficult to determine, but still there are some signs of pregnancy
Blue budgie and other colors
Appearance Budgerigars are small birds. They can be recognized by their bright green color.
Abdominal bloating in rabbits - what can cause it and how to treat it?
Rabbits are one of the species of animals that have very delicate and unstable digestion. IN
6. Conditions for keeping Grays
The parrot family has many species. All these birds get along well with humans. Jaco is loved
Types of large domestic parrots
Corella Corella is a close relative of the cockatoo. In nature, this species is found in Australia and
The parrot lost its feathers
Why do parrots pluck their feathers?
Overview of reasons Bright, beautiful, shiny plumage is the decoration of parrots and a source of pride for their breeders.
What to feed a macaw parrot?
Where do macaws live? The range of Macaw parrots in the wild - Central tropical forests
Parrot and grain
What vegetables can you give your parrot?
Budgerigars are considered quite active birds that easily get used to new living conditions.
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