Simple tips: how to catch a hamster and prevent it from escaping in the future?

Why can a hamster escape from its cage?

IMPORTANT: Hamsters do not escape from cages in order to cause more trouble for their owner - they are driven by curiosity and the instinct of self-preservation.

Here are the most common reasons for running away:

  • Unclosed cell. It would seem that there is nothing difficult about closing the cage, but this is one of the most common reasons for rodents escaping;
  • Broken cage. X- hamsters are very small, and any hole (for example, due to a bent grille) can serve as a loophole for them into a new, unknown world ;
  • Fear. Bright lights, loud noises and other irritants can terrify a small pet, and he will want to run away from them as far as possible. A completely understandable desire, isn’t it?
  • Fatigue. Hamsters are nocturnal, and during the day they rest and gain strength, so there is no need to constantly demand attention from the animal. Otherwise, he will probably run away from you at the first moment in order to finally get some sleep;
  • Owner's carelessness. If you pick up a hamster or let it run, don’t let it out of your sight , because curiosity in hamsters is much stronger than affection.

What to do if your hamster runs away?

The most common methods of escaping from a cage

You can get out of the cage in the following ways:

  • crawl through the wide gap between the bars of the cage;
  • open a weakly secured door (Syrian hamsters especially like to do this, they have more strength);
  • in some cages the roof is fixed with latches - it may be poorly secured and the hamster can climb up the bars and squeeze through the crack;
  • if the cage is not metal, it happens that the rodent gnaws something somewhere and leaves in English.

Have you encountered the search for your fugitive? Did you manage to catch it?

Sincerely, Hamster Khrustik!

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+15 karot5654 04/10/2015 19:34 A dzhungarik ran away once... We noticed that he squeezed through the crack in the cage and ran behind the washbasin... He didn’t come out for a long time, to see if there was a sunflower seed - he came running like a darling) From there he picked him up and put him back in the cage. We bought another one - narrower, and left the old one for the second, Syrian one (bought).

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+14 Artem 09/06/2015 04:34 My hamster is also missing, I can’t find it

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+4 Bella 06/28/2016 07:48 How did they find him, that he was under the sink, he disappeared in the morning, I can’t find him, it’s a shame because he’s very small

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+21 Maria0987654321 07/06/2015 13:35 One day I threw the unnecessary leftover buckwheat into the trash bin and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning and wanted to throw away yesterday's tea, I noticed that there was more garbage than there should be. I looked into the bucket and saw my hamster, who was eating buckwheat on both cheeks. She laughed a lot and returned her to her house. But I still don’t understand how she got there.

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+6 Artem 09/06/2015 04:34 Hello this morning I disappeared at home, that is, in the kitchen, a hamster escaped from the cage, I don’t know what to do, help

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-34 HAMster12345 10/21/2015 03:47 Well, if you have something, you have no idea

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+8 Angela 10/08/2016 04:26 I quote Artem:

Hello, this morning I went missing at home, that is, in the kitchen, a hamster escaped from its cage, I don’t know what to do, help

Listen at night, it will begin to rustle and crackle.
He escaped from the cage in the kitchen into the room, hid in a corner and gnawed something)) I brought the cage, put it open nearby, poured some seeds and pulled the cage's twigs - he does this when he calls us)) after a couple of minutes in In the dark I hear a hamster climbing up the cage, and I see he’s sitting at the top. I grab him and go inside))) For me, his escape turned out to be a lot of stress, I perceive him like a mouse and am very afraid! Good luck to everyone in your search) Reply | Reply with quote | Quote | Report to moderator +5 Elizaveta# 10/13/2015 05:46 In the morning when I came to the hamster’s cage, he was not there. Google it. How can I find it?

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-16 HAMster12345 10/21/2015 03:46 are you not surprised that this is a cage for guinea pigs

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+6 Cookie 200411 12/25/2015 15:55 Please help! I have two Djungarians - a boy and a girl. They live together and don't quarrel. And then bam! Mom didn’t see Nut (the hamster) in the cage, despite all this, Cookie was there! I set traps from flour and food, but didn’t find anything. I have a cat at home and that’s the problem! I am very worried about my baby. Help me please!

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+7 Alina Shaimardanova 02/07/2016 15:52 He ran away from me too. I put him in a ball and the ball opened and he ran away. BUT I was lucky and I found it very quickly without anything. I was sitting under the radiator.

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+3 Alina Shaimardanova 02/07/2016 15:57 And 1 time when she gave the soap cage to dad to guard him. But dad didn’t follow him and he ran away. Found my Donut under the curtain

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+5 Andrey74 02/20/2016 11:14 When mine runs away and hides in a hard-to-reach place, I put a bag rustling sideways and a treat in it, and when I hear a rustling sound, I just take it out in the bag)

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+12 #Khoma 03.25.2016 17:16 I’ve never run away, I have an aquarium

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+11 Diana Nikorich 12/05/2016 05:57 lucky, I also want to buy an aquarium, I just need to catch the hamster first

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+9 Vika and the hamsters 04/07/2016 06:29 Help, the little hamster, cheeky, has disappeared, I can’t find it for 2 days, I tried flour, I sprinkled seeds, I can’t open the cage, there’s a hamster’s mother and his sister, help me how to catch a Djungarian hamster

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+5 Odga 04/17/2016 00:00 Two dwarfs escaped from me, straight from the cage, I thought we wouldn’t catch them (they are small - 1 month old) they could have leaked anywhere! My husband caught one in the morning, and the second ran behind the closet. The second one was caught with the help of a trap (they put a pan, a stick to it, and two leaves were placed on the pan, seeds, nuts and a piece of apple were placed on the leaves, at night at 4 in the morning I heard - smack!!! The hamster was caught!!! I will be glad if someone will help!

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+5 Ama 06/05/2016 16:17 What to do help the hamster got lost on the street how to find him lost in the evening small

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-4 Elvira 06/23/2016 16:30 If it’s on the site, then all is not lost.

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+4 Elvira 06/12/2016 09:34 Our cage is very cunning)) hamsters have never escaped from it until they die. But they were washed out of the carriers many times. I taught them that if I call, then I’ll give them a treat, so they came out when I called)))

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+5 Polinca Malinka 05.10.2016 15:21 My hamster disappeared once. The next day I went into the room and he stood in the middle of the room and stood

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+2 Elena Tashlanova 10/17/2016 14:29 A hamster escaped. Handcrafted from infancy))) ). We have 5 of them, we periodically let them go for walks, we just close the bathroom and kitchen. They always come running back, run to people, etc. So one of them didn’t come back, but leaked into the bathroom. (Calculated from the missing seeds in the bathroom). They set a trap out of a box. I didn’t go out for two days - there were seeds, carrots, grains, cookies in the bathroom - zero reaction. Today - I CLEANED OUT THE TRAP, CATCHED ALL THE FOOD and sits far away in ambush. We didn't even hear!!!!!! It feels like he made us))))))) We tried to let the girl out in a walking ball in the bathroom for a walk, but he didn’t come out to her!!!!!!!!

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+3 Agazade Yeghyana 08.11.2016 04:46 Hello, I lost a hamster, a little boy Dzhungarik, how can I easily find him, I’m 11 years old by the way

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+2 Agazade Yeghyan 08.11.2016 04:48

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+3 Diana Nikorich 12/05/2016 05:55 I wake up in the morning and look in the hamster’s cage and there’s no sign of it, I think, damn, the hamster is 4 weeks old and ran away. Now I’ve set a trap (NOT A MOUSETRAP!!) I’m waiting for him to get hungry and come

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+5 lizochka 09.12.2016 19:00 Today my hamster escaped in the walking ball, I’m very worried, I’ve been looking for 2 hours, please help!!!!! !

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What to do if your hamster runs away?

First and foremost, isolate other pets that could cause harm to the fugitive. Next, remove, if any, all dangerous and poisonous objects that a rodent can get. (for example, sharp objects on the floor, poison from cockroaches, etc.)

IMPORTANT: When searching for a hamster, you must move furniture and other interior items carefully and as quietly as possible, because noise can scare the animal and drive it even further.

Where to look for a hamster?

Don't worry and remember that hamsters are very curious and love to explore everything carefully. If you immediately notice the animal is missing, it means that it is somewhere nearby exploring new places.

IMPORTANT: Hamsters do not try to climb as high as possible, so start your search by inspecting the floor and all hidden places on the floor.

You should inspect the apartment in the following order:

  • surroundings of the cell;
  • places near pieces of furniture (places under the sofa, behind the closet, under the table, etc.);
  • directly pieces of furniture (in the closet, in the desk drawer, in the laundry basket and in other containers);

bags and shoes (a rodent can easily climb into a dark, warm shoe and rest carefree in it)

  • holes in household appliances and electronics.

How to track an animal?

If, after a thorough search, you are still unable to find the fugitive, try to track him down.

IMPORTANT: Hamsters are nocturnal animals. Towards evening, turn off the lights in the room and sit, listening, for 10-20 minutes without moving. The animal will begin to move, thereby giving a sound signal about its location.

How to lure out a fugitive?

It is not always easy to find a hamster by inspection - there may be too many objects in the apartment, or you do not have access to cracks and openings (for example, due to immovable furniture). In this case, it’s easier to lure the hamster out using a trick: pour his food in a visible place, put his favorite toy, call your pet affectionately, and other methods described below.

How to catch a hamster?

If you find your pet, don’t immediately run to it with open arms. The hamster does not feel comfortable outside the cage, so any sudden movement will be an additional signal of danger for him.

IMPORTANT: Do not make loud noises! Slowly approach the animal, then begin to reach out your hands to it, but do not take the baby right away. Wait until he gets used to your approach a little and understands that there is no danger. After which you can take the fugitive in your arms and return him home.

If your baby is too active or timid, you can throw a waffle towel over him. In this case, the rodent's movements will be limited, and you can easily catch it.

Methods for catching a hamster

Search strategy

How to find a hamster in an apartment, using knowledge about some of the habits and habits of these animals? For example, it is known that hamsters are nocturnal animals, that is, at this time their activity increases. If you haven't found it before evening, don't get upset. Most likely, closer to midnight, people will start running around the apartment and then you can quickly notice the loss. But be careful with the rest of the family - don’t accidentally step on the animal.

Use a bait trap. Place a few sunflower seeds in some corners of your home - and the rodent will not keep you waiting. If you don't take him by surprise, you'll at least have a rough idea of ​​where the pet is hiding. Of course, if the loss of seeds is not the work of hungry household members. Or you can be even more cunning - sprinkle the floor around the piles of seeds with flour or starch. Then the white footprints will lead you to the shelter of the lost homa. Another method to find it is to lay foil or other “rustling” material on the floor in the area of ​​the intended hiding places. At night, hide nearby and listen to the surrounding sounds, trying not to make unnecessary movements.

Simple tips on how to find an escaped hamster in an apartment will help you determine its location. But the process of capture itself is also not an easy task. How can you competently deal with it?

How to catch an escaped animal in an apartment?

Sprinkle treats

Treats are a simple but quite effective way to bring a fugitive home. Walnuts, seeds or vegetables are suitable as bait. Place them in a bowl and place them in a visible place.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t caught the baby by nightfall, you can do the following: place the bowl in the center of the room and sprinkle the floor around with flour. So, in the morning you can use the white tracks to determine where the hamster is hiding and return it to the cage.

However, if there are many rooms in the apartment, and you do not know which one the hamster is in, you will have to place bowls with treats throughout the apartment.

Does your hamster listen to you?

Favorite toy

If you find where a rodent is hiding, but don’t know how to lure it out, try doing this with the help of its favorite toys and attractions. Place them next to the fugitive's "hideout". Hamsters are very active, so sooner or later he will get bored of sitting around and want to play.

Hamster traps

If the previous methods did not work or worked, but not the way you wanted (the hamster spun the wheel, but you did not have time to catch it), try returning the baby home using traps.

Hamster traps

Types of traps

A tube

This trap is similar to a hole that rodents love to crawl into. A wide diameter hose can be used as a tube. The main thing is to close the second part so that the hamster cannot escape from the trap. An excellent option would be a tube for drawings.

Point the open end of the tube towards the rodent's new habitat. Pour treats into the tube and wait until the feeling of hunger overcomes the rodent's fear. The difficulty of this trap is that the rodent can easily be scared out of the tube if it is not sleeping.


This trap is convenient when you were unable to detect the shelter of a small traveler. It is advisable to take a bucket with smooth walls so that the animal cannot get out of it. Build “steps” from scrap materials so that your hamster can reach the top of the bucket. These could be books, boxes - whatever comes to your mind. There should be food on the steps to motivate the fugitive to climb. For cautious rodents, you can cover the top of the bucket with paper, on which you can also sprinkle some food. This way you will definitely lure the animal into a trap. The principle of this trap is simple - the rodent walks up the steps in search of food, after which it falls into a bucket.

IMPORTANT: Make the bottom of the bucket safe from falling! Place cotton wool on the bottom, sprinkle with hay or sawdust so that the rodent does not get hurt if it falls.


Making a bottle trap is technically more difficult than previous options. The point of the trap is that when an animal gets inside, it slams shut. Take a two or three liter bottle. The walls of the bottle should be smooth. The bottom must be carefully cut off on three sides so that it rests on only one wall. Next, bend the cut part and secure it in this position with a rubber band. After this, make a cardboard bridge and place it on the bottom edge, pointing inside the trap.

Place edible bait on the edge of the bridge, which is located inside the bottle. The hamster will climb into the bottle for food, but will not be able to get back out.

Toilet paper roll

This trap is useful when the hamster is hiding under furniture. The principle of operation is similar to the tube. Seal one side of the sleeve and place treats inside . Place the bushing next to the new house and wait until the rodent gets hungry. When he is inside, close the other side of the sleeve with your palm and take the fugitive to the cage.

How to prevent your hamster from escaping?

Tracking a fugitive

We follow simple tips:

  • Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so you need to catch them in the dark, when they are active.
  • Leave some seeds or other treats on the floor of each room - the animal will get hungry and give itself away when starting its meal.
  • Sprinkle a little starch or flour around the treats you left for the animal - this is so that the fugitive leaves traces. This way you will understand in which direction the traveler is moving.
  • Flour and starch are poured in a similar way along doorways or in front of the animal’s intended shelter.
  • To catch the baby, place foil or plastic bags on the floor - the animal’s movements will be accompanied by a rustling sound.

How to prevent escape?

Do you remember the reasons for the flight of rodents? Don't let them in!

  • always check that the cage is well closed;
  • regularly inspect the cage for holes and cracks;
  • do not place the cage near noise centers or bright light (do not keep the cage on a shaking refrigerator or near a landline telephone);
  • respect your pet. Never forget that a hamster is not a toy, but a living creature that also needs rest.
  • be careful with him. Don't let your hamster out of your sight if you let it out for a walk.

Personal experience of catching a hamster

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